Monday, January 18, 2010 Is Not Free: How To Find 'Really Free' E-Book Downloads

There are 200 plus websites and search engines that offer online freebies - but is no longer one of the 'really free' sites. Previously proclaimed as “the internet's #1 online source for free ebook downloads," still likes to refer to their service by that description - while charging membership fees. standard membership is now limited to viewing books only in html. If a user wants to download more than five pdf e-books per month, they have to upgrade to VIP status at a cost of $4.99 per month or $19.95 per year.

During the past ten years, has been a totally free download website with an estimated 150,000 visitors per month. By imposing these new charges, hopes to grow their website profitability. With the increase in profits, plans to attract additional authors, convert e-books to mobile formats, and record audio formats.

With charges and limitations at, readers and authors are left searching for a 'really free' e-book download website. The totally free sites will benefit greatly from this latest development at Many websites do not even require registration before they allow use of their resources.

The Top 7 'Really Free' Sources For E-Book Downloads

1. Wowio

Finding Wowio leaves you with that 'wow' feeling. With a 'really free' website, beautifully formatted books, including recent mainstream editions, Wowio is a wonderful source for e-book downloads. Wow!

2. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenburg is 'the' perfect source for your favorite classics (pre-1923). In addition, Project Gutenburg has a selection of later books and in total has access to millions of free, public domain books (text and HTML formats).

3. Memoware

Take a memo about Memoware! With tens of thousands of public domain books, formatted for a wide range of portable devices, Memoware deserves your attention. In addition, this source has a premium bookstore catering to current, mainstream books.

4. Fictionwise

Fictionwise, an expansive e-book bookstore, may carry fiction but it's a fact about its 'really free' service. Specializing in SF with titles formatted for a range of devices, Fictionwise offers an ever-changing selection of free e-books.

5. Zbooc

A directory of free reports, how-to ebooks, tutorials, and guides, has helpful e-books in countless categories. Free ebooks are reviewed and rated by visitors. Viewing and downloading is instant and unlimited. It's easy to see why it's on the way to becoming the number 1 'really free' source for e-books.

6. The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive doesn't resemble the dusty old archives in the libraries of past eras. The Internet Archive is a modern, active resource which scans books in libraries around the world. This 'really free' service makes their 500,000 books (to date) available in a range of formats including searchable PDFs of the original page images. The Internet Archive is always expanding its archived sources.

7. Baen Free Library

Baen Free Library, a pioneer in the e-book field, has a fantastic selection of free science fiction and fantasy e-books. A favorite with SF fans!

With the availability of these super seven 'really free' e-book download websites (as well as scores of similar sites), the changes at shouldn't cause any undue worry for readers, authors, or marketers. The top seven e-book download sites offer 'really free' books in every imaginable category. is not a 'really free' download website! Yet hundreds of websites remain committed to free service and unlimited downloads of e-books. Choose a 'top seven' contender for your source for e-book downloads.


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